All Boundaries Fencing
All Boundaries Fencing


The Colorbond Fence is the versatile fencing solution made from trusty Colorbond steel. It’s been tested under Australia’s harshest conditions for more than 50 years so you can rest assured it meets Australian quality grade standards.

Colorbond fencing is the affordable, hard-wearing and attractive way to fence off your property. There’s a wide range of 22 colours to choose from. This iconic fence is great for safety, durability, privacy and easy maintenance for your home: rain, hail or shine!

The Colorbond Fence is Environmentally Friendly

Concerned about the environment and want to be more sustainable? All Boundaries Fencing has the perfect solution in 100% recyclable Colorbond fencing.

It’s manufactured without the use of harsh chemicals so there’s no risk of chemical waste leaks. Because it’s a Low to No maintenance fence, there’s no need to repaint.